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2014 Sermon Audio

12-28-14 Post Christmas
 Matt 2
 How do we respond to the message of Jesus after celebrating His birth?
12-21-14 Proof or Understanding
 Luke 1
 Comparing Zechariah's and Mary's responses to the angelic message.
12-14-14 What God Wants for Christmas
 Micah 6:6-8
 Is it duty or a proper heart? (Mark Fletcher)
11-30-14 Elijah's Run
 I Kings 19
 Elijah runs of fear from Jezebel.
11-23-14 Mt. Carmel
 I Kings 18
 Elijah challenges the prophet of Baal.
11-09-14 Elijah's Message
 I Kings 17
 Elijah's Message to Ahab and Israel
11-02-14 Elijah: Introduction
 I Kings 16:29-17:1

 Some background as we introduce Elijah.
10-26-14  Spiritual Warfare: Conclusion
 I Peter 5:6-11
 Some concluding thoughts on Spiritual warfare.
10-19-14  Heavenly Spiritual Battles 
 Daniel 10 
 There are things going on in the heavenlies that we cannot see. 
10-12-14  What Reality?
 II Kings 6:11-19
 Is what we can see all there is to reality?
10-05-14 Church Strongholds
 Josh 6:1-23; 7:1-14
 Churches can have strongholds over them.
 Israel: A Mirror for Us
 Deut 31:1-13
 As Israel struggled in the wilderness, we also can struggle.
09-21-14 Jesus: Our Stronghold
  Psalm 18:1-3
 Seeing Jesus as the object of our faith, and using Him as our stronghold.
09-14-14 Strongholds
 II Cor 10:-3-4
 Are there strongholds in our life that we do not want to turn over to Jesus?
09-07-14 Take Every Thought Captive
 II Cor 10:3-6
 A change of thinking needs to take place as we follow Jesus.
08-31-14 Spiritual Warfare
 Eph 6:10-13
 Overview of spiritual warfare.
08-24-14 God's Righteousness
 Psalm 19:7-9

 God is righteous and we only get His righteousness through Jesus Christ. 
08-17-14 To Jesus: By Night or Light
 John 3:1-21
 Do we come to Jesus by night or out in the light?
08-10-14 Standing Fast
 Phil 4:1-23
 Holding on to the truths of Jesus.
08-03-14 Of What Value?
 Phil 3:1-21
 How do we evaluate our life in Christ?
07-27-14 Sanctification
 II Thess 2:13-17
 Looking at positional and experiential sanctification. (Mark Fletcher)
07-20-14 The Incarnation: Personal Implications
 Phil 2:1-18
 Seeking to grasp the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.
07-06-14  In Whatever Circumstance
 Phil 1:1-30
 No matter what my circumstance, Jesus is lifted up.
06-22-14 Who I Am Makes  A difference
 Gal 2:15-21
 Seeking to understand our identity in Christ. (Mark Fletcher)
06-15-14 Fully Devoted To Who?
 John 21:15-19
 As Fathers are we fully devoted to Jesus?
06-08-14 Called From - Called To
 Eph2:4-6; Gal 5:13
 What are we called from and to what are we called to?
06-01-14 Consequences
 II Samuel 12:1-12
 There are consequences to our actions.
05-25-14 A Repentant Heart
 Psalm 51
 David is broken before the Lord and seeks a repentant heart.
05-18-14 A Broken Heart
 Isa 66:1-16
 What does it mean for us to be broken before Jesus?
05-11-14 Rahab
 Joshua 2
  Was it possible for Rahab to be a mother?
04-20-14 The Brightest Day In History
 Luke 24:1-12
 Jesus defeated death and rose from the grave.
04-18-14 The Darkest Day In History
 Luke 23:26-49
 Jesus went to the cross for our sins.
04-13-14 The Sin Bearing Lamb of God
 Romans 5:1-11
 Our sins have been dealt with.
04-06-14 The Despised Lamb of God
 Matt 27:27-44
 He was mocked and ridiculed.
03-30-14 The Humble Lamb of God
 Phil 2:1-11
 He gave it all up.
03-23-14 The Suffering Lamb of God
 I Peter 2:18-24; Isa 53
 He set the example for us to follow.
03-16-14 The Crucified Lamb of God
 I Cor 1:21-25; Luke 18:31-34
  We have two different attitudes when it comes to the Cross.
03-09-14 The Holy Lamb of God
 I Peter 1:13-21
  The Holy Lamb of God is our redeemer.
03-02-14 Sin
 Gen 3:1-7
 Sin distorted our image of God
02-23-14 Of Man & God
 Gen 1:26-28
 We are created in the image of God.
02-16-14 The Invisible Side of Creation
 Isa 14:12-15; Ez 28:12-17
 A brief overview of the spiritual world.
02-09-14 Creation
 Genesis 1
 Overview of the creation account
02-02-14 Encouraging Fellow Workers
 Romans 16
 Paul's encouragement to fellow believers.
01-26-14 Paul's Review of Ministry
 Romans 15:14-33
 Paul looks at his ministry, past, present, and future.
01-19-14 Christian Liberty
 Romans 14-15:13
 Looking at the freedom we have in Christ.
01-12-14 Civil Responsibilities
 Romans 13
 What are our civil responsibilities when it comes to government?
01-05-14 Be Transformed
 Romans 12
 We are transformed by the renewing of our minds.