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2015 Sermon Audio

 12-27-15The Magi
Matt 2:1-23
 The Story of the Magi Coming to see Jesus.
 12-20-15The Shepherds
Luke 2:8-20
 The Story of the Shepherds and coming to see Jesus.
 12-13-15Mary and Joseph
Luke 1:26-38; Matt 1:18-25; Luke 2:16
 The Story of Mary and Joseph and the revelation about Jesus.
 12-06-15Elizabeth and Zechariah
Luke 1:5-25
 The Story of John the Baptist being announced to his parents.
 11-29-15Be Aware
II Peter 3:14-18
 Peter reminds us to be aware of coming things.
 11-22-15Coming Judgment
II Peter 3:1-13
 Peter gives us a overview of the second coming of Jesus.
11-08-15False Teachers
II Peter 2
 Peter discuss the character of false teachers that will arise from within the Church
 11-01-15Verifying Jesus
II Peter 1:12-21
 Peter's eyewitness testimony of Jesus
 10-18-15Partakers of the Divine Nature
II Peter 1:1-11
 We are the partakers of the divine nature of Jesus Christ
 10-11-15Tough And Courageous
Ruth 1   
 Looking at Naomi and Ruth in more detail
 10-04-15Ruth & Naomi
Ruth 1
 Overview of Ruth
 09-27-15The Best Intentions
II Kings 5:20-27
 Gehazi shows his true colours.
II Kings 5:1-19
 Naaman is cured of his leprosy.
 09-13-15Equipping and Encouraging
Eph 4:11-16
 Equipping and Encouraging each other to build up the Body of Christ.
 08-30-15Reaching The Lost
Jonah 1-2
 Looking at the parallels of us and Jonah. (Mark F.)
 08-23-15Glorify God
Rom 15:1-7
 How do we bring the glory to God in our everyday life?
 08-09-15Something New: Being Who God Wants
Acts 10
 Peter struggles to accept something new in his life.
 08-02-15A Change of Status: From Death To Life
John 20:1-10
 How Jesus moves us from death to life.
 07-26-15A Change of Status: From Persecutor To Proclaimer
Acts 26:1-23   
 How Paul changed from persecuting the Church to proclaiming the message of Christ.
 07-19-15A Change of Status: From Head To Heart
John 1:42; 18:15-18, 25-27; 21:15-17
 Looking at the change in Peter's thinking from when he first met Jesus to his thinking at  Pentecost.
 07-12-15A Change of Status: From Sinner To Saint
Luke 9:1-10
 Seeing the change in the life of Zacchaeus
 07-05-15When Questions and Doubts Arise
Judges 6:11-24
 Looking at the beginning of Gideon's journey.
 06-28-15Faith: Conclusion
Heb 11:32-40
 Concluding our discussion on faith in Heb 11
Mark 5:21-24, 35-43
 Jairus shows a father's love (Father's Day)
Eph 1:1-2; 4:1-6
 Our unity in the Faith (Mark Fletcher)
Heb 11:21; Joshua 2:1-24
 Rahab's Faith
 05-31-15Israel: Her High Water Mark of Faith
Heb 11:30; Joshua 5:13-6:1-27
 Israel's Faith is Strong
 05-17-15Moses: The Red Sea
Heb 11:28; Ex 14
 Moses and the Red Sea Crossing
 05-03-15Moses: The Passover
Heb 11:28; Ex 11-12
 Moses and the Passover Instituted
 04-19-15Moses: Endurance
Heb 11:24-27; Ex 3-4
 Moses' faith
 04-12-15Moses' Parents
Heb 1:23; Ex 2:1-10
 Amran & Jochebed's Faith
 04-05-15Hope Even In Failure
Mark 16:1-8
 We have hope in Jesus even though we sometimes fail. 
 (Passover Sunday)
 03-29-15Faith: Seeing Past Death
Heb 11:20
 Isaac, Jacob and Joseph's Faith
Heb 11:7; Gen 6
 Noah's Faith
Heb 11:5; Gen 5:21-24
 Enoch's Faith
Heb 11:4
 Abel's Faith
Heb 11:1-3, 6, 13-16
 How faith connects to us.
 02-15-15Rubber Meets Road
Gal 6
 A final practical application of what Paul has instructed us in.
 02-08-15The Practical Side
Gal 5
 Paul moves us from a doctrinal position to one of application.
 02-01-15New vs Old
Gal 4
 Paul continues discussing the new way in Jesus vs the old way, the Law.
01-25-15By Faith Not Law
Gal 3
 Paul contrasts faith and law. Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ.
01-18-15Justified By Faith
Gal 2:11-21
 Paul opposes Peter and begins to show how we are justified in Christ.
01-11-15Paul's Apostleship
Gal 1-2:10
 Intro to Galatians and Paul's Apostleship